Welcome to qsearch’s documentation!


The documentation is currently a work in progress and will be expanded upon soon.

Working with nonlinear topologies

The default topology is linear. To synthesize for another topology, you will need to choose a gateset for your desired topology, usually either QubitCNOTRing or QubitCNOTAdjacencyList, but custom gatesets are also supported. See Gatesets in qsearch for more information.

Working with nonstandard gates or qutrits

You will to choose a gateset that supports your desired gates. See Gatesets in qsearch for a list of implemented gatesets, and instructions on how to make your own. See Gates in qsearch for a list of supported gates and instructions on how to make your own.

Customizing your compilation

Once you have your desired gateset object, you can pass it either to a Project or a SearchCompiler. In addition, both Project and SearchCompiler have many other options used for customizing things like the search type or distance function. See the Options API documentation for more information.

Make sure to check out the example scripts as well!

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